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Excessive skin care causes premature ageing

The trendy "all-in-one" format has replaced piles of bottles and tubes.



30.12.2023, 4:46 pm

Korean multistep treatment consisting of 10 products applied one after another was in fashion just recently.

But that system quickly failed. Minimalism is trendy now. Cosmetologists have recognized that a lot of cosmetics is impractical and even dangerous for the skin. Excessive care products often lead to inflammation, acne and even early aging of the skin.

Skincare, Simplified (Finally!)

A new trend has come to replace Korean skin care, it's called a cosmetic diet. Asians, and then Europeans started choosing smart complexes "all-in-one" to replace a whole row of creams, serums, and toners. A decent example that wins over women's hearts is the multi complex Simpla 360.

Is it true that one container of this supplement can replace dozens of cosmetic skin care products, even including total creams? Does this product deal with wrinkles? A beauty expert and cofounder of the Simpla 360 brand, Sarah Gardener.

Editorial: Hello, Sarah! Just a year ago, every women dreamed of having lots of cosemtics. Now experts are suggesting people to beauty minimalization. What's wrong with the multiple-stage approach?

SG: Multi-stage skin care isn't as good as marketologists make it sound. Just imagine layers of this pie on your own face: scrub, booster, emulsion, essence, serum, tonic, lotion, milk, hydrophilic oil, patches, masks these are things that needs to be done every day, not just once a week. As a result, skin absorbs more than it's supposed to. Pores get clogged, natural skin regeneration gets disrupted, and the lipid barrier is harmed.

The result of using a lot of skin care solutions

The diversifed ingredients do not always interact well with each other and can rot. Skin becomes more sensitive, prone to acne, allergies, rosea and so on. On top of that, new products are offered as a solution to cover up the problems the other products cause.

Editorial: So, by following the new trend, going on a cosmetic diet, we give our skin a break from the constant strain and let it breath?

Sarah Gardener: Yes, that's right. A cosmetic diet is the solution to numerous skin problems that are caused by overusing skin care products.

Skin over-care syndrome - wrinkles, inflammation, dull complexion.

Editorial: So, there are more minuses than pluses.

SG: That's right. That's how the demand for a powerful universal product that could replace three to four or more products appeared.

Editorial: Oh yeah, that would make life a lot easier! Especially when on vacation, my cosmetics take up nearly half of my baggage space.

SG: Trust me, you're not alone. I used to have to choose what to take on vacation, whether it meant choosing between cosmetics or another pair of shoes. My female coworkers do the same. We spoke about this and came to the conclusion that we needed to develop a mild, yet powerful formula that could give skin everything it needs without overdoing it. But after all, we weren't chemists or some sort of scientists! (Laughter).

Editorial: But after all, you managed to do just that! Congratulations! We'd like to hear more about your product.

SG: Thank you! It wasn't easy, but we did it!

We developed a unique piece of technology, unisphere, in accordance to our scientific cooperation with the company OLIGO U-SMART. The technology uses small particples of highly concentrated pearl powder granules and biologically active substances.

When applied to skin, they heat up and instantly go through the epidermis. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deep layers of the skin with ease without getting stuck on the epidermis's surface like outdated cosmetics do. And since the outer layer of unisphere has a reflective effect, it makes face skin tone look healthier and skin texture smoother. It's so good at doing this that you can avoid using toners.

Thanks to OLIGO U-SMART, each cosmetic drop gets to where it needs to go and does its job, which is moisturizing, smoothing skin tone, brightening skin, and smoothing out wrinkles.

Skin under the microscope before and after using Simpla 360

The main idea of this technology was used to create an affordable beauty-minimalization product, the multi complex, Simpla 360. This supplement will sucessfully replace nearly all your cosmetic products:

  • day and night creams
  • creams for dark rings under eyes
  • lotions and tonics
  • toners
  • anti-aging serums
  • BB creams
  • highlighters

It wasn't easy, but we did it. Our team spent more time at the laboratory than at home studying the work of foreign scientists and putting theory to practice...

The results were much better than we expected, the effectiveness of Simpla 360 varies from 93% to 99.9%.

1 serum instead of dozens of tubes and jars. Simpla360 helps to retain youthfulness and eliminates dryness, irritation, wrinkles, and other imperfections of mature skin.

Editorial: Wow, I can't wait to try it! By the way, what ingredients were used to make this multi complex? Or would that be, what they call, a company secret?

SG: No manufacturer has the right to keep their products' ingredients secret. That goes against consummer rights.

Simpla 360 contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, chitosan, bakuchiol, plant pigments. The cherry on top is the pearl powder, it gives skin a shiny look or as people say "the photoshop effect".

Editorial: Sarah, I'm not trying to take away the credit you give your product, but don't most products contain hyaluronic acid? How is Simpla 360 better than its alternatives?

SG: Unlike its competitors that: contain typical hyaluronic acid, incapable of penetrating the skin because of having a high surface area, and clog pores by leaving behind a layer on the face, Simpla 360 contains low molecularlized hyaluronic acid (sifted by our patented technology TESK Split™), which improves epidermis penetration and strengthens its effect. As a result, cells receive nourishment and skin becomes firm.

Editorial: What about its visual effects? For example, if a women over the age of 40 buys that serum. How much time would she need to get rid of wrinkles?

SG: It all depends on skin condition. 2 weeks is long enough for some people, but it could take a month or two for others. Everyone always has results that not only you will notice, but people around you as well. If you use Simpla 360 one-two times a day, then after a week evenn the most stubborn skin will have an attractive tone, smoothness and shine.

During the multi complex's clinical trials, we organized a focus group consisting of forty women from 25 to 60 years old. We had one goal, which was to observe the skin's microscopic changes after use of Simpla 360. This is how our participants looked after a month.

Editorial: It's really cool! I want that product too! Tell me, where can I and our readers buy Simpla 360.

SG: It can only be bought on our offical website. Here's why, more than 20 world famous "lux" class brands have already offered us deals, but only to buy the right to our product. Even though we were offered a 6 digit sum amount money for it, we turned it down.

It's important for us that EVERY women (regardless of social class) could afford a product that actually works without markup pricing for the brand name and so onn. This is why we do not add a markup price and we protect our product from fakes. Simpla 360 can only be bought from the official website.

Editorial: Sarah, we promise to publish the order link! I'm sure that women will love your product!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Sarah Gardener for all the useful information and all the time and effort she put into this online. Also, we're publishing the order link for Simpla 360 multi complex:


After clicking the button, you will be redirected to Simpla 360 is official online store

Comments 97



Thanks for the useful information. I have countless containers of skin care products, yet my wrinkles aren't fading away at all.



Very interesting technique. I'd never heard about that unisphere skin technology before. I'll definitely give it a try. I'm buying it now for my friends as a gift too.



Out of everything I have in my skin care arsenal, Simpla 360 is really the only one that got my face looking normal again. I didn't think that I could transform my face and make it look so much brighter without doing an injection. I used it 2 times a day, in the morning and at night, I'm super satisfied. First of all, it makes my skin feel so much better and nicer. Instead of 55 years old, it makes me look as if I'm under 40, imo it doesn't get better than this.



Hi ! and thank for the informative article!



I got used to trusting quality assurance to brand names such as Chanel or Estee Lauder but lately I've noticed that the effect they've been having has been getting worse. Here they show us such amazing results but regardless of that, I wouldn't trust putting that serum on my face.



Hello. I used to think just the same myself, every time I bought makeup, I'd just pay 70 euroes per container as if the price was enough to guarantee quality. But then later I started reading about the ingredients in these skinc are products. I recommend you do the same thing and actually read what's written on the labels of the stuff you buy. They're often packed full of glitserin, water and chemicals. The smoothening effect is given only thanks to the silicon they put in them. Now, I only get the stuff that has a lot of active ingredients. I decided to give Simpla 360 a try. I'm more than satisfied with the results. This serum is simply amazing! I cant say that it worked instantly, but the result is on my face. It's as if I got 5 years younger.



Absolutely amazing!



Ladies, I've been using it for 3 weeks now, and my wrinkles actually are fading away! I clearly see the difference with the wrinkles next to my eyes.



From what I understand, developing a cosmetic product is extremely difficult, but it's even harder to get it on the market. You've done some amazing work. I'm proud that we have such respectable specialists in our country.



To be honest, I didn't even believe that a simple serum could transform my face. I have so many different cosmetics at home but nothing ever gave me such results.



I'm allergic to so many things but this serum is simply amazing! First of all, none of my hair falls out after using it. Secondly, it really does make you look younger. My face skin is happy.



Thanks for the article! The next time you go to test something, take me with you as a model please!



My husband got me this serum for our anniversary. I got upset at first thinking that it was some piece of garbage, the brand isn't well-known. I usually get babor or biologic. But this supplement pleasantly suprised me. The effect is no worse than that of a lux class product. My skin is so shiny now!


3 hours ago

It seems everyone is really satisfied with the results this product is giving them. I got it for myself as well



Serum is light, it doesn't clog pores. It made my inflammation and dim skin tone go away. A week later, the dark rings under my eyes went away. I was pleased the effect was so fast. But of course it did take a bit more time to get rid of the wrinkles. But it was well worth the wait. My skin is fresh, shiny, and it looks as if I went to a cosmetitian. I'll be getting it regularly.



I love using only eco-cosmetics, because it's not tested on animals, and no chemicals are used to make them.



Hi everyone! I'm writing a review about Simpla 360. This product affected my life personally. It really does transform skin and replace a whole pile of skin care products. Just for being so universal, I'd give it a super high rating. I won't say anything about the effect, because you really must see it to believe it. I'm simply delighted. I used to have to get a biorevitalization or similar process done in order to have these results. Now I can look great and avoid injections. My skin is so smooth and shiny after using this serum.


After clicking the button, you will be redirected to Simpla 360 is official online store


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