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How to get rid of varicose vein: A supplement that isn't talked about on TV worked for me
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I couldn't sleep at night. I tossed and turned because of the pain that felt as if my legs were being branded with hot metal. On top of that, if I don't take my son for a walk in the park then I don't feel like a normal mother, so the guilt weighs in too...When I got home I started looking for products made with these ingredients. I found a cream that consisted of all that as well as other useful ingredients for treating varicose veins. It was called, Veniselle. I ordered it, and it was well worth it! The old lady was right!P.S. 8 months have gone by since that post was written, and I haven't seen a sign of varicose veins since! I hope it'll stay that way.VENISELLEAT DISCOUNT -50%ORDER 14 Comments
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Helen Smith
It all started with benign spiderweb veins that appeared during the first trimester of pregnancy. My belly grew in size as well did my weight..Honestly, I didn't even gain that much, just 44lb. The extra weight made it harder to move around. My legs ached and swelled. Later, closer to childbirth, my legs became completely covered in blue spiderweb veins, so much that you could even play tic-tac-toe on them.
My well-trusted doctor told me that half of women who give birth ends up developing varicose veins. That's just the way the female physique works I guess. The ointment he recommended me hardly helped at all. It had a weak effect. The tight stockings I wore eased the pain a little bit, but never for long. Blood gushed through my leg veins anyways.
After I gave birth to my little Diego, I had to put treating my legs on hold. My son was always restless, and with my husband at work, I felt like blowing up. The little one never let me rest any and was constantly in my arms. Then, he grew up and started crawling around the floors, making it only more difficult to keep up with him. You couldn't blink without him tasting something such as the cat litter or his father's boots. There were days when I could hardly prop my feet up in the evening because they'd get so sore and stiff from all my running around.
Meanwhile, there isn't even a single skirt left in my wardrobe, which is shocking seeing how I even fit in miniskirts (I slimmed down back to my normal weight fast thanks to good genes and an active son). I was really embarassed by my legs that were covered in blue knots and bumps, so I hid them by wearing pants.
Just as expected, the clinics didn't do me any good. I gave up on myself... My veins were in poor condition. The doctor said that I needed to stay at the hospital and have the varicose knots surgically removed. Then, hope for a miracle after the surgery. There's no guarantee that they wouldn't just come back any time after the surgery.
The chance of getting healthy again seemed to be fading away. I didn't see any hope in going into surgery and risking my life when there was no guarantee of solving the problem.
My husband and I discussed what we were going to do for a long time. In the end, we decided to postpone the surgery and to look for some kind of treatment instead. We asked around. One of my husband's coworker said his mother was cured by a folk healer. He put us in contact with her.
We traveled a long journey to meet her (372mi one way) but we never found her since she had already passed away. Since she didn't have any children, she left her knowledge down to her neighbor. So it was she who told us that my varicose veins could be cured with horse chestnut, wormwood and chamomile.
After just 2 days of using Veniselle, I felt as if something was churning inside my shins. It's hard to describe. I felt goosebumps all over, plus, the swelling went away.
My legs stopped aching after a week even when I put pressure on my varicose bumps. My legs stopped feeling heavy, and it became much easier to move around. I could run so fast that it felt like I was flying.
Spending long evenings walking around the park became something that my son and I both enjoy. We could run all day into, even into late evening!
I can't say it works fast, but still. This cream helped me get my legs back to normal. Varicose bumps went away, and my veins brightened up. Spiderweb veins went away, and I can wear miniskirts and dresses again. All it took to achieve these results were two months and 3 containers of Veniselle.
I'm glad that I didn't sign up for surgery. You shouldn't agree to it either! Besides, what's the point in taking such risks when there is a good way to avoid it?
I hope my situation can serve as a clear example that health shouldn't be ignored. I have no idea how severe the disease can get, but I decided to share my story anyways.
*By placing an order on the offical website, you're guaranteeing yourself a standard product with high-quality ingredients.
Good day, Irene. I was really touched by reading your story. The ending forced a tear down my cheek, I['m so happy for you, take care! I'll be recommending this cream to anyone with a similar problem.
I'm 27 and I'm already experiencing second stage varicose veins. The only thing the phlebologists can come up with is surgery. I'd like to try this method instead, besides, it might work for me too.
Get Veniselle and you won't regret it! Get 2 containers right off the bat if you're got varicose veins. I can't say that it works instantly, but my varicose veins went away. The heaviness in my legs went away first. I even started wearing 3‑4in high heels. My legs stopped swelling. It took roughly a month for spiderweb veins to go away. Well, the knots and bumps on my legs took 3 months to completely go away, but they were huge. Now, I recommend this cream to everyone.
I know what you guys mean. I'm an event host. Moving around used to call me some much discomfort. I took pills and wrapped my leg in cabbage. All for nothing. Later, I found out about Veniselle. At first it didn't work either. Then, I figured considering my condition that taking the supplement twice a day was better and I was right! It made me come to life! My treatment ended up lasting a little longer, it depends on how bad your condition is, check out my results:
My varicose is rather clear. Three years ago I had an operation done on one of my legs. Now after giving birth, the veins in the other leg got bright. I understand that surgery isn't an option at this point, but nothing the doctor recommended helped.
The same thing happened with me too. My legs puffed out specifically during pregnancy. My veins stretch out over my legs. Well, I suppose I'm a little guilty for putting on 59lb. I bought different creams before but they didn't do me any good.
They don't help because you never really know what's inside those creams. The entire area's local health care system is so corrupt! Pharmaceutical companies pay to make sure their products get sold even though they just sell harmful substances and nothing good. The company that pays the most ends up having their product sold the most. I know what I'm talking about. My mother died because of bad medicine..and she could've lived..
What are you talking doing? You can't blame your mother's death on pharmacies..No offense, but maybe you should've taken her to a better clinic?? This cream, Veniselle, is totally awesome! I saw how effective it worked for my sister. Her legs make her look like a little girl, but she's actually already 48.
I got my package. I'm reading the ingredients on it, they're all natural. I'll test it out and write about my results later. I hope it works!
My aunt had surgery done to remove knotted veins and thrombosis. It went well and everything seemed ok, but it came back again 2 years later.
I don't know, maybe you just had an incompetent surgeon? My sister hasn't had any trouble for seven years after having her surgery. We might not had done that surgery if we had known about this cream before.
I've heard about this cream before too. They say it's great.
I've been using this cream, Veniselle, for three months now. Believe it or not, it gradually made blue spiderweb veins, inflammation, knots and bumps all go away. As proof I'm attaching these before and after pics:
Ladies, thanks for all the reviews! I'll order this cream right now. I've put up with this terrible vein condition on my legs for long enough, and I'm too afraid to do the surgery :( What if they screw it up?...I have a family.


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